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Monday, March 21, 2016

Memory Jogger Monday - March 21

Matthew and Emma 2011, Our family's first 5K race
List five significant events or experiences in your life, and explain what effects they have had on you.

I was 29 years old and Scott was 30 years old when we got married. I worried a lot in my younger adult years as to if or when I would marry. I met Scott online in July 2000. We were engaged the next month and married in November 2000. Best decision of my life!

We lost our first child in 2002 at 13 weeks. It was a tough blow as we had been struggling to get pregnant. We had waited to tell our family and friends and lost the baby within the week of telling everyone. Good news travels fast ... bad news doesn't travel. Months later someone mentioned how good I looked for being so pregnant. Yeah ... just fat. Wanting a baby and losing a baby was so hard.

Five more years of wanting and waiting for a baby was excruciating. Lots of different fertility treatments and doctor visits. An emotional roller coaster. We looked at in vitro and adoption. Everyone in our ward and families were praying for us. And then without fertility treatments we conceived and told everyone immediately (6 weeks). A miracle! Even our doctor said that it was because of prayer.

Birth of Emma
4 pounds and 14 ounces and healthy! Emma was born in 2008 and was the answer to much prayer. Everyone was praying for us for the entire pregnancy and there were multiple times that we almost lost her. We know prayer saved her and protected her. She was so alert, that in the hospital she would lift her newborn head and watch the nurses as they walked around the room. She is still so attentive. We love her! 

Birth of Matthew
8 pounds of pure boy! We thought that the road to having a second child would be as long as the first. We were surprised in 2010 when Matthew joined our family. He was big (compared to his sister) and healthy. Then when he was a few months old he got RSV and we lived at the hospital for 9 days. We know that through the power of God's Priesthood that he was healed. He is a healthy rambunctious boy. We love him!

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