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Monday, November 16, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - November 16

National Scout Jamboree - July 1985
Scott is in the 2nd row from the bottom, 5th from the right
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When Scott was 14 years old he went to the National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia in July 1985. It was his first time on an airplane and his group flew into Detroit, Michigan and then took a bus. Along their way to Virginia they visited Niagara Falls and a few of the LDS Church history sites; the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah, and the Peter Whitmer farm. They also went to New York City (Manhattan) and went to the top floor and roof of the then World Trade Center. They also were able to attend a New York Mets game and then actually made their way to the Jamboree. At the Jamboree they camped in tents and cooked their own meals (the food was provided). They participated in various scouting activities everyday. Scott called home frequently as it was his first time away from home for that length of time. They were gone for two and a half weeks.

When Scott was a little boy (age 2-3) he took the shampoo bottle from the bathroom and poured it out on the bottom stair step and rubbed it in the carpet really well. His mom has said that she hoped that someday he would have children that would do the same thing; since it was such a big soapy mess for her to clean up. Well, Scott's children haven't used shampoo; they have smashed raspberries and bananas into the family room carpet. I think he wishes they would use shampoo!

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