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Monday, November 9, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - November 9

What was your courtship like? Describe your marriage day.

Because we met online, we did a lot of our communicating initially online even after meeting in person. That transitioned to phone calls and then visits by Scott to Logan and by me to Bountiful. Back and forth on the freeway from Bountiful to Logan. Dates in Logan and dates in Bountiful and Salt Lake.

On August 17, 2000 I came down from Logan to Ogden to interview for a volunteer position for the 2002 Winter Olympics. After the interview I went to Bountiful to visit Scott. He got off work late that night (11 pm). After he got to his condo, we took a drive up to the Bountiful LDS Temple, where he proposed to me. We walked around the temple and talked about our future life together. I took the next day off of work and we went ring shopping and had a great day telling all our family members; some who didn't believe us because we had just met the month before.

We had a three month engagement and were married on November 17, 2000 in the St. George LDS Temple. We had requested Robert L. Gardner to be our sealer. He had been a high councilor in a young single adult stake where I had served in a family history calling and we had worked together. We had a special friendship and I was grateful that he was our sealer.

Scott and I had put together a list of all those we wanted to be with us in the temple that day. Included in our list was not only our close friends and family, but also those special ancestors of ours who had had a great impact on our lives and also our future family. We shared our special list with our sealer before our session. He indicated that there would be some of those people present that day. We knew they were there with us; especially Scott's deceased father and our future children.

After photos around the temple we went to a lunch at Dixie State College. I had some great college store industry friends who were able to join us there for lunch. That evening we had a reception in Enoch, Utah. Two weeks later we had a second reception in Wellsville, Utah.

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