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Thursday, January 28, 2016

12 Tips For Getting the Most Online From RootsTech 2016

Not everyone can attend RootsTech in person. For some it is a bucket list dream. As RootsTech grows in the future, the footprint of the conference space will stay the same. Those who attend in person are considered the "studio audience" of a global conference that reaches around the world throughout the coming year.

Here are 12 tips for getting the most out of RootsTech when you can't be in the studio audience.

Tip #1:
Review the Conference Schedule

Identify classes that are interesting to you.  You can filter the schedule by Session Type, Date, Track, Class Category, Family History Skill Level, and/or Technology Skill Level.

Tip #2:
Review the Class Syllabus Materials

Select the syllabus of the classes that met your interest in the schedule. You can download and save any or all of the syllabi.

Tip #3:

Watch the RootsTech Streamed Sessions
All times are Mountain Standard. February 4-6, 2016

Tip #4:
Watch the Family Discovery Day Streamed Sessions
All times are Mountain Standard.

Tip #5:
Watch sessions from last year's conference.

2015 RootsTech Video Archive 
2015 Innovator Summit Video Archive
2015 Family Discovery Day Video Archive

Tip #6:
Check out the products and services that are available from the Expo Exhibitors and Conference Sponsors by visiting their websites.

2016 Exhibitors
2016 Sponsors

Tip #7:
Follow RootsTech as it is happening.
#RootsTech is the official hashtag.

Facebook - RootsTech 
Twitter - RootsTech

Tip #8:
Follow me. I am posting about RootsTech 2016.

Blog - Revealing Roots and Branches
Facebook - Revealing Roots and Branches
Twitter - amyarchfam
Pinterest - Revealing Roots and Branches

Tip #9:
Follow the 70+ 2016 RootsTech Ambassadors
Check out their bios and social channels. They are posting about RootsTech 2016.

Tip #10:
Follow GeneaBloggers - there are over 3,000 genealogy and family history blogs. Many of these bloggers will be covering RootsTech 2016.

Tip #11:
Attend a local FREE Family Discovery Day.

These events are scheduled throughout the year and all around the world.

Tip #12:
Mark your calendar for February 8-11, 2017.
Plan now to attend RootsTech 2017 in person next year.
Collaboration with others is what it's really all about!


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  1. Thank you! Great list! I will definitely be participating. (This is Sarah, not Aaron.)