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Monday, January 11, 2016

Memory Jogger Monday - January 11

Halley Comet - Photo courtesy of NASA and NSSDCA's Photo Gallery
List 20 interesting things you’ve experienced in your lifetime

These are not in any particular order. 
  1. Halley's Comet - As a young teen, I remember getting up really early in the morning to watch the comet from our front lawn (with no telescope).
  2. Ten half-marathons - I've completed all these races by walking! And about a third of them in pouring rain.
  3. Rode a cow - When I was really little we had a cow and my dad would take me on rides around the yard.
  4. RootsTech - Last year was my first time presenting at a national family history conference and my session was recorded for worldwide distribution.
  5. Walter's Wiggles in Zion National Park - This is an insane hike with steep switchbacks. I hiked this in the rain with some college friends.
  6. Waterfalls in Zion National Park - When in pouring rain, the sides of the canyon turn into amazing waterfalls. I've experienced this phenomenon a few times in my life.
  7. I have lived during 2 Millenniums, 2 Centuries, and so far 5 Decades
  8. 2002 Winter Olympics - I was a volunteer and issued Olympic credentials to all service providers (FBI, Secret Service, Fire, Police, etc).
  9. Fall of Berlin Wall - I watched in amazement as communist Germany fell apart.
  10. Infertility - Years of treatments and diagnosis.
  11. 2 Miracle Babies - Using NO fertility treatments I miraculously got pregnant with my daughter and a few years later miraculously got pregnant with my son. Lots of fasting and prayer!
  12. Temples - When I was born there were 13 operating temples. Now there are 149 - with one more coming in March (Provo, Utah)
  13. Temples - I received my own temple ordinances when I was 20 - and have since received hundreds if not thousands of ordinances for my own relatives.
  14. Temples - My 1st temple open house was in Chicago in 1985 (before I turned 14); though I lived in Utah and was closer to two other temples that were constructed during my 14 years.
  15. Temples - Next week my 8 year old daughter will visit her 5th temple open house; with at least four more coming in the next few years.
  16. Internet - Rapid growth in computer technology. I remember using a cassette tape to load programs into our Commodore 64 and I didn't have email until after I graduated from college.
  17. Telephones - From a 5-digit party line shared with our neighbor to amazing cell phone technology.
  18. Travel - Our family traveled through many of the US states when I was growing up. I only have 15 that I haven't been to.
  19. Space Travel - I haven't personally been to space, but I am fascinated by space travel and by the amazing images taken through telescopes. "Worlds without end".
  20. Understanding Heavenly Father's Will For Me - I had a powerful experience in 2014 where I knew Heavenly Father's will for me involved my participation in and teaching about family history and temple work. "For who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"
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