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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RootsTech 2017 Giveaway Winner - Kimberly Nelson Savage

Kimberly Nelson Savage
Congratulations to the winner of my FREE RootsTech + Innovator Summit 2017 Registration - Kimberly Nelson Savage!

Kimberly first became interested in family history as a child.  Her great grandmother had a trunk of pictures and they would get it out and her great grandmother would tell her who everyone was. Kimberly loved the stories and two weeks before her great grandmother died, when Kimberly was 15 years old, she pulled out the trunk and her great grandmother said to put it away.  Kimberly said, "no I want to know who they are again".  So they spent the next two weeks identifying the photos before her great grandma was gone.  As a child one of her favorite times was when she got to go on trips with her grandma and great grandma and decorate graves.  She learned so many things from those trips.

Kimberly has recently been working on her grandfather's and great grandfather's histories.  Her great grandfather was killed in the Castle Gate Utah Mine Explosion in 1924, when her grandfather was just three years old.
"It has been amazing to me all the information that was kept due to the tragedy.  I have been able to access sealed records and found detailed information about my family. What a blessing." 
She is the oldest of 7 children, is married, and has two small children of her own.  She graduated from Weber State University in Health Information Management of Records & Information Systems and Technology. She loves to help others find their ancestors.

She is excited to be going to RootsTech 2017 where she can collaborate with speakers, vendors and attendees. According to Kimberly: "There is such a wealth of treasure that can be learned from a conference like this!!"

Thank you to those who entered my giveaway contest here on my blog. I hope to have other fun giveaways in the future.

I utilized Rafflecopter to run the giveaway. To select the winner the Rafflecopter software utilizes to ensure true randomness. In 2016, I ran a paid Facebook Ad to have exposure to my giveaway. This year I shared my blog post organically via Facebook in various genealogy related groups and also repeated sharing the post a handful of times over the course of the giveaway time frame. I received 2,152 Facebook views; which is more than the paid views I got last year. I also shared via Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

For some more numbers, that may be interesting only to me:
717 people viewed the blog post
25 people entered the giveaway
102 entries from those 25 people

Two of the entry options of my giveaway were to come back to my blog everyday and read another post and/or visit the RootsTech website and identify another class; which resulted in one/two additional entries each day.

The winner had 7 entries. The most entries had by one person was 9.

Thank you again for participating in my giveaway! I look forward to seeing you at RootsTech 2017!

I am 2017 RootsTech Ambassador and have received a free conference registration from RootsTech.

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