The generations on either side of me link me to my past and my future. My view of family history involves revealing the roots and the branches.

Throughout this blog you will find perspectives related to the doctrines of temple and family history work from revealed revelation given to living prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS - Mormon).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our Highest Priority: Ordinances for Our Own Kindred

Draper Utah Temple - Photo from LDS Media Library
“For whom will such temple work be efficacious? Principles of agency pertain on both sides of the veil. There, in post mortal realms, personal choice and accountability will be of paramount importance. Not all will accept these ordinances. Not all that would choose to do so may be worthy to receive them. Scriptures indicate that individual faith, repentance, and obedience will be required to consummate this vicarious work. Here, on this side of the veil, there are limitations of available time and temples. This means that choosing to identify and perform ordinances for our own kindred should receive our highest priority. The Spirit of Elijah will inspire individual members of the Church to link their generations, rather than submit lists of people or popular personalities to whom they are unrelated.” 

- Elder Russell M. Nelson, “The Spirit of Elijah,” LDS General Conference, October 1994.

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