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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Amy's Entry in’s Guess My Family Heritage Blogathon Contest

This is my first time entering a contest with my blog. is hosting a blog contest. You can see more information about the contest here:

One of the requirements of the contest is to post an old photo of an ancestor(s). I have chosen to post 3 photos from the same family.

Can you guess the family heritage of any of the people in these photos?

Please reference the photo and your guess as to their heritage and anything else you may know or surmise from the photo in the comment section below this post. (Timeframe of photos, culture, ethnicity, country of origin, etc.) Help me understand more about this family.

You can also share this post on any social media platform. Perhaps your friends may have some ideas for me. will randomly choose three bloggers as winners. I hope my blog post is chosen to win. I also hope you have a lot of fun guessing information about this family. I ultimately hope that I'll learn something new about them! Wouldn't it be fun to find a living cousin from this family from this post?


  1. I'm gonna guess photo #2 was taken following a death in the family. Too many black dresses.

  2. I love the last photo of the older woman. I have no idea if there are any clues in the photos and, while this isn't heritage related, I agree with JennyJ's comment about the second picture being taken after a death in the family, perhaps that of the older man in the first picture. As for heritage, I'll just say Scandinavian - perhaps Swedish. A total guess on my part.