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Monday, June 15, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - June 15

What kind of hardships or tragedies did your family experience while you were growing up?

While growing up we didn't experience any tragedies and the only hardship I could remotely consider was that it was probably really hard financially to raise five children on one income. It is hard today to raise just my two children on one income. I remember while growing up that we always had sufficient for our needs and often our wants. I don't remember many family financial discussions when I was young.

I do remember us saving money for family vacations and having discussions about paying our tithing and saving our money. I do remember a financial blessing my parents received. They had faithfully paid to the LDS ward budget fund while I was growing up and I remember what I blessing it was when the announcement came that these contributions were no longer required.

As I struggled to think about what to write in response to this question, I emailed my mother to ask for her thoughts and suggestions. This was her response: "We've been so blessed!" We really have!

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