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Monday, September 14, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - September 14

What do you see as your greatest strengths?

This was a really hard question for me. Last year I was burned out and stressed out in my career and I couldn't see any of my strengths in any area of my life. It was a really hard time for me. I quit my job last November to focus on my family, my health, and to find myself again. I created this blog a few months later and I started immersing myself again into my hobbies and my home and family life.

Even though I know I have strengths, it is still hard for me to see them in myself and for me to believe they are real strengths.

So, I asked my husband Scott, my sister Sarah, and my friend Jeanette to tell me what they saw as my strengths. Here is what they shared.

Detail oriented
Accomplish things
Hard worker

Detail oriented
Ability to organize data
Enthusiasm for good things
Lots of talents
Self motivated
See things through from beginning to end
Good memory
Knowledgeable (broad and deep)
Good planner
Think big
Do everything well

You are smart. Seriously smart and know your way around the Internet. You are passionate about what you love. And you are always willing to help when asked. Or even when you aren't asked--if you think you can add to the situation, you do.

Even though I am sharing this with the world here on my blog, I am grateful to my family and friends for helping me once again start to see the strengths I have and the things I am good at in my life.

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