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Monday, September 21, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - September 21

What were some of the challenges you have had to deal with in your life?

I have been very blessed in my life. At times when I think I have problems or troubles, I try to serve others. In the process, I realize that I have so many blessings.

I know I've had many challenges; mostly small ones. When I think about this question I am trying to determine if I had any huge challenges.

I guess one of my biggest challenges was about 20 years ago when I had just graduated from college and I was trying to decide where to live and what to do for work. My biggest dream/goal in my life was to be a wife and mother. At the end of high school and throughout college as my friends would get married and start their families that is what I wanted to do too. Big roadblock in that plan was that I wasn't dating anyone ... as in no one.

When college ended I was worried that my options for getting married would be diminished. At least that is what everyone around me said to me. Their words were discouraging to me.

Anyway, I moved across the state and took a job working at the University of Utah. After two years I moved to Logan to work at Utah State University. It was there in 2000 that I met my husband, Scott, ONLINE. He lived in Bountiful and worked in Salt Lake City; though he was from Cache Valley where I was living. We got married in November 2000 and I moved to Bountiful.

Due to infertility, it took 7 more years to have Emma and another 3 years after that to have Matthew. My biggest challenges are my greatest blessings!

And yet, perhaps my largest challenge is learning patience!

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