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Monday, April 4, 2016

Memory Jogger Monday - April 4

Bryce Canyon National Park - June 2015
In how many places have you lived during your lifetime? Provide a brief description of each place you’ve lived, why you lived there, and why you moved.

Cedar City, Utah
I was born in Cedar City, Utah and I lived there in a little trailer park for the first year of my life. 

Iron County, Utah
My parents moved to the country (near Enoch, Utah) when I was a baby and I lived there through my young adult years. Our family only moved one more time; to the house next door.

Cedar City, Utah
I moved to "town" to attend college at Southern Utah State College (later Southern Utah University). I lived in many different apartments and sometimes back home while I went to school.

Elverta, California
After the first year of college, I took a break from school and lived in California with our family friends, the Heaps Family, and worked as a bank teller for Security Pacific for a few months. I then decided I wanted to go back home and go to school

Salt Lake City, Utah
After I graduated from college I got a full-time job working at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I lived for a few months with my Aunt Dar and Uncle Brent and later lived in 3 different apartments and had a half dozen roommates.

Logan, Utah
I moved to Logan to work at Utah State University and lived in a condo with two other girls (school teachers).

Bountiful, Utah
I got married and moved to Bountiful where Scott had a condo. He worked in Salt Lake City at KSL TV. I also worked in Salt Lake City for awhile at Deseret Book and later at the LDS Business College. We served as volunteers for the 2002 Winter Olympics while we lived in Bountiful.

Clearfield, Utah
We bought our first home in Clearfield in 2004 and have been here since. For six years I worked at Weber State in Ogden and how I'm focusing on caring for our home, family, and pursing other interests and hobbies.

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