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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - May 25

Carol, Janice - 1949
Tell me about your mother (her name, birth date, birthplace, parents, and so on). Share some memories you have of your mother

Carol Ann Peterson was born in Woodland, California on November 15, 1948 to Darrel L Peterson and Leola Pierce Peterson. She was the 2nd child and 2nd daughter. Her older sister Janice was born in 1945.

Some of my favorite memories:

My mother seemed to always have patience with her children; all five of us. I don't remember her raising her voice very often. I don't know how she did it; I hope I can still learn this from her and I hope I can be more like her in this way. 

I remember one time that she went on strike! Myself and my siblings were not being very appreciative or cooperative and she had had enough. My dad had to do everything: cooking, laundry, school lunches, etc. It didn't last too long; at least I don't remember it lasting very long. I do remember it happening though and the lesson I learned was to be more appreciative.

She always taught us to "Clean As You Go". I try to do this mostly when I am cooking and it drives my husband nuts. He would rather fill the sink with dishes and then clean up afterward. I love it when I clean as I go and there are minimal dishes to do at the end of a meal.

The times I remember most are just the normal ordinary days when I would lay on her bed with her and we would talk about whatever topic we wanted to. Those are my best memories!
Carol and granddaughter Emma - 2008
There are many more memories; I will keep writing them down.

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