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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Set Your Kindred Free

Photo from LDS Media Library

Set Your Kindred Free
Clara Lewis Jennings

Must I, behind locked doors, forever wait,
While you, who are on earth, procrastinate
Work which would set me free?
Must I cry out, unheard, forevermore,
And wait, in vain, behind this bleak, barred door
Because you would not see?

Must I, who once held loved ones tenderly,
Stretch out my arms through all eternity
While others move ahead?
Must I not know the joy of being sealed,
By this great power God has now revealed,
Because you failed your dead?

When I dwelt on the earth as mortal man,
The Lord had not revealed his gospel plan,
Which I accept as true!
I would have done my own work had I known,
And would not now be waiting here alone,
Depending so on you!

Please hear my voice before it is too late,
For you, and yours, will one day share my fate,
If you heed not my plea.
For God has spoken in this latter day,
Commanding you to open up the way,
To set your kindred free.

For in your day, the Lord has plainly said
That no man can be saved without his dead,
And so, I call once more;
As I must look to my posterity,
So must they also have the need of me.

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