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Monday, July 20, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - July 20

Raymond Henry Ohms, World Horseshoe Pitching Champion
Share some memories of your grandparents.

Paternal Grandparents

Raymond Henry Ohms (19 November 1912 - 22 June 1963)
I never knew my grandpa Ohms (pictured above). He died 8 years before I was born. He was a world horseshoe pitcher. My father has kept this memory and tradition alive in our family. We all pitched horseshoes when we were younger. Some of my siblings and their children continue to pitch competitively.

Helen Arlene Barr Ohms Edwards (29 December 1913 - 7 May 2003)
When I was a pre-teen I traveled with my grandma Edwards from Cedar City, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I remember us getting in a little car accident; no one was hurt, though I was scared. I also remember the year that we took a family vacation to US and LDS historical sites in the eastern United States and we rented a RV and my grandma came with us.
Tom and Helen Edwards
William Thomas Edwards (30 June 1913 - 21 December 1990)
Grandpa "Tom" married my grandma after my grandpa died. He was the grandpa I grew up knowing. My favorite memories of him were on our birthdays when they lived in the same town as us. He would come over in his pajamas for the birthday party because he knew we would be up all night watching our 8 mm films. I think he also came on Christmas Eve in his pajamas.

Maternal Grandparents

Darrel L Peterson (31 July 1920 - 10 December 1990)
My grandpa Pete repaired televisions. I remember playing in his repair shop while he was working on TV sets. I also remember helping him find night crawlers in the lawn with an electric night crawler probe. We would then go fishing on the lake in his boat. My grandpa also had a metal detector and he let me borrow it to have treasure hunting adventures of my own.
Darrel and Leola Peterson
Leola Pierce Peterson (8 July 1924 - 1 April 2012)
I remember as a young child learning how to play card games from my grandma Pete. Her and grandpa would have card nights with their friends and extended family. She had a drawer full of cards. Later in life she taught us how to play dominoes. She collected coins and I was fascinated by how old they were. I started my own coin collection because she shared this love of collecting with me. And I found one of my oldest coins with my grandpa's metal detector.

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  1. I never realized Grandpa Ray passed away only 8 years before you were born. It seems like it was a lifetime away, but that wasn't very long ago at all... even 15 years isn't a long time.