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Monday, July 27, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - July 27

Did your grandparents live close by? If so, describe how they were involved in your life. If they lived far away share some memories of visiting them or of them traveling to visit you.

When I was born both sets of grandparents lived in northern Utah while our family lived in southern Utah.

Grandpa and Grandma Edwards lived in Salt Lake City and I know we went to visit them when I was a few years old because we have photos of that visit. They moved to the Enoch Utah area in the mid 1970's and lived about 2 miles from our home. We would walk or bike to their home. In the summer I would mow their huge lawn. And when they went on vacation I would water the plants and gardens and feed the chickens. They would come to family activities and I remember having them come with us to cookouts in the canyon. In the mid 1980's they moved back to Salt Lake City.

Grandma and Grandpa Peterson lived in Orem for most of my childhood. I remember going to their home on many occasions and often during the summertime we were privileged to sleep outside in the camping trailer. We would go fishing and camping with them. I remember riding my grandma's bike around her neighborhood and down to the park. In 1986 they moved to St. George and they were only an hour away. They came to more of our activities; particularly school events. We would go to St. George and swim in their community pool and walk to the temple.

It was great to have them close to us. I am grateful for the memories I have of knowing my grandparents and actively doing things with them. They were involved in our lives whether they lived far or near.

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  1. Special memories of your Grandparents Amy. I enjoyed driving down and visiting Gpa Tom and Gma Helen when they were in Cedar City. I've been going through old pics and ran across some from my visits.