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Monday, July 6, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - July 6

What are some of your family traditions that you remember?

When I was young child one of our favorite Family Home Evening activities was going to the grocery store and picking out our own box of cereal. It could be anything we wanted. I remember choosing Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries most of the time. We could keep the cereal in our own bedrooms and eat it whenever we wanted; though I'm sure my parents wanted us to eat it for breakfast. I remember that sometimes by the next morning some of us would be out of cereal already. I also remember that my mom and dad always picked "healthier" cereals than their 5 children. Back then it was 7 packages of cereal.

Fast forward to this past weekend. It was our 2015 Ohms Family Reunion; the 15th consecutive year of this reunion. There are now 27 of us - though 5 were unable to attend this time. We have continued the "cereal tradition" for all of our family reunions. The above picture is what 22 packages of cereal looks like.

When we pick out what we want we hand it to Papa (my dad) and he takes a black marker and writes our name on the package and in the cart it goes. We can't change our minds once our name is on the package.

I love these kid size shopping carts. The children had so much fun filling their carts with cereal.

Here is some of the group making their cereal decision.

And my choice this year is more healthier than Cap'n Crunch. This year I chose Crispix.

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  1. I chose Life. Once when I was younger, I chose a cereal purely for the fact that it had a little stuffed bear inside (actually on the top of the box). Mom said she didn't think I liked that kind of cereal and that maybe I shouldn't get it. I was sure I liked it. But, nope, I didn't like it.