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Monday, August 24, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - August 24

Photo From LDS Media Library
What subjects did you like the least? Explain why.

I believe that I liked all school subjects. I have been thinking for a week about what subject I could have liked the least and I haven't identified one yet. Perhaps at the time there were subjects that were hard to learn, but I don't remember the frustration associated with any subject.

What I did not like was homework. I understand the purpose for homework. At the time I had homework to do, I hated it. I procrastinated doing it and I would rather play or do something that was more interesting to me. Thanks to good parents who helped me with assignments or projects (in the middle of the night before they were due) I would have never completed elementary school.

Now as a parent, I see some of these same traits in my daughter. She loves learning ... doesn't like homework; would rather go outside and play ... procrastinating.  And now I am helping with assignments and encouraging homework right after school.

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