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Monday, October 19, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - October 19

Were there two or three food dishes your mother or father made that were especially memorable?

My father made Missionary Breakfast. When he was serving his mission in the Great Lakes Mission in the late 1960s the missionaries only had one frying pan in their apartment. So he would cook the breakfast meat (bacon, ham, sausage) and then remove the meat from the frying pan. In the meat drippings he would cook either shredded or diced potatoes. Then he would add back in the meat (all chopped up) and add in eggs and stir it all together and cook until the eggs were set. Then serve. My father made this for us all the time. Now we make it for our families all the time too. Yum!

My father also made Sourdough Pancakes. When I was little I used to think that they tasted really weird and I would prefer my mom's homemade pancakes or pancakes from a mix. As I got older I appreciated more the taste of sourdough and I loved his pancakes. Now the smell of sourdough brings back so many memories of sourdough pancakes and weekend breakfasts. I want to make some for my family soon.

My mother made Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. The recipe was from her grandmother Elizabeth Lavon Finch Peterson. I loved helping make those cookies. They are so fluffy and full of bananas and chocolate chips. I make them now for my family and neighbors and friends a few times a month! They are so good. I'm going to share the recipe for them sometime soon on this blog.

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