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Monday, October 26, 2015

Memory Jogger Monday - October 26

How did you meet your spouse?

I met Scott online in July 2000. Over the weekend of the 4th of July that year, I had created an account at It was sort of my last ditch effort at finding someone to date. I told myself that I would only keep my account open for one month and if I didn't meet anyone, then I would close the account and be single forever.

It was also Scott's last attempt at finding someone to date. He had been on the service for a little while longer than I. We started writing to each other back and forth over the service.

I was living in Logan, Utah working at Utah State University. Scott was living in Bountiful working at KSL in Salt Lake City. Scott had graduated from Utah State and his family was from Wellsville (in the same valley as the University).

We met in person for the first time at the end of July. I had been in Washington DC for a work conference and flew back into Salt Lake City. I went to Scott's condo in Bountiful to meet him. I had wanted him to come to the airport to meet me; he was concerned about large crowds. I was concerned about going to his place until I found out that his Mom was temporarily living with him while she was serving a LDS mission in Salt Lake City.

So the first time I met him in person I also met his Mom. The three of us went to dinner at Marie Callenders. That was our official "first date". I was 28 and Scott was 29.

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