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Friday, February 5, 2016

RootsTech 2016: Cloning Technology Needed

This week I've been at RootsTech and I more fully realize that "Technology" is in the forefront of everything going on here. And as it is actually everywhere in the world, I have had to ask myself this:

Who is going to invent cloning technology? And when?

Why am I thinking about this at a family history technology conference? Because I am so overwhelmed with what there is to learn and to do and I cannot do all that I want to do here.

This are how many clones I've decided I need just for RootsTech:

5 to attend classes all day every day (well, at least 5... there are a least 2 dozen classes and labs taught in each time frame.
5 to spend all 3 days just visiting vendors in the Expo Hall (open 24 hours over the 3 days) ... maybe they could spend 15 minutes with each vendor.
1 to actually eat lunch and take breaks (maybe even attend a sponsored lunch as a special treat)
2 to handle ambassador interview responsibilities
1 to visit with fellow conference attendees
1 to collaborate with others on new ideas or concepts
2 to write and update blog posts, Facebook and Twitter feeds
1 to speak and teach classes
1 to chauffeur to and from the conference
1 to attend just Family Discovery Day classes
20 clones needed to take advantage of all of what RootsTech has to offer and what I can also give back to RootsTech. At the end of each day the clones would have to transfer all their new knowledge and emotions to me. Right? Or why would we need cloning technology anyway?

So, I'm a little slow on posting RootsTech content to my blog. It is not that there isn't anything to share; it's that there is so much to share and so much to do, that I'm overwhelmed with the volume. I'm working on posts and they will come ... just may take a few days to catch up.


Have you thought of attending RootsTech and haven't yet attended because you thought there wasn't anything for you to do here? 

  • You could spend all day, every day just visiting with vendors and not see them all.
  • You could go to a class in every time slot and not see 5% of the classes offered.
  • You could connect with a new person every hour and make a new friendship and you would not even meet 1/10 of 1% of the attendees - who all have amazing stories and backgrounds.
  • You could pass by these thousands of people and not even realize they were your distant cousins.

Plan now, right now, to attend RootsTech 2017 - February 8-11, 2017

Don't miss this! There is no way humanly possible for me to share everything RootsTech has to offer! You need to experience this for yourselves!



  1. If you become an ambassador for clones some day, can I get a friends discount?! Loved the math perspective you did at the end. Even more impressed you could do math after that day! RootsTech was glad to meet you!