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Thursday, February 4, 2016

RootsTech 2016: Innovator Finalists

Last night the 6 finalist in the Innovator Showdown were announced. They are listed below alphabetically. The information provided below with each finalist was provided to me at the Media Dinner.

AncestorCloud Innovator Showdown Submission Page

Our mission is to connect the researchers of the world in one global community.

There are two sides to the community, those who are seeking help with their research, and the experts who are willing to find, or fulfill the request. When a request is posted, it is submitted to our community for the helpers to scan and find jobs that are within their areas of expertise. The experts submit a proposal along with a fair price to begin the work. Once the helper has been selected and the proposal approved, the transaction is completed through AncestorCloud.

AncestorCloud was brought to life by a small team of genealogy and technology nerds located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in Provo Utah.

JRNL Innovator Showdown Submission Page
Twitter: @jrnl

The original concept was developed by the Company's founder, Nick Jones, while looking for a better way to journal. From his own experience, and from countless interviews with highly successful people, Nick understood the many benefits of keeping a personal record of one's daily life and experiences. At JRNL, we believe that Life is Worth Recording, and that by keeping and reflecting upon past experiences, we can better address future challenges.

JRNL was built to record life's memorable moments as they happen. With solutions available for both Web and mobile, and an easy to use input interface, JRNL lets users record their thoughts, upload content, and reflect on past entries and experiences no matter the time or the place. In addition to private journaling, users can share content and collaborate with others to create a more complete record of events, history, projects, and interests.

JRNL goes well beyond basic journal creation and documentation, providing helpful prompts and reminders to motivate users to document key events, milestones and historic moments. In addition, the platform provides for the organization and production of any journal into a personalized, beautifully crafted hardbound book.

Studio by Legacy Republic
Studio by Legacy Republic Innovator Showdown Submission Page
Twitter: @LegacyRepublic

Studio is a portable album scanner that creates the world's highest quality archival scan of each album and scrapbook page -- all without removing or disturbing any pages or photos, which often ruins those images.

Scans are stitched together into an eBook to preserve and recreate the family album for the new generations.

The Studio App publishes the archived photo album onto a USB flash drive and uploads to private cloud account. From there, customers can view within the Family Legacy app, share via email or on Facebook, or add these memories to their FamilySearch account.

TapGenes Innovator Showdown Submission Page
Twitter: @TapGenes

TapGenes offers you the convenience of keeping all your family health history in one safe and secure place.

Discover your family's health story .. we're referring to what makes you YOU ... and how your entire family is connected. Not just physical traits and natural abilities, but valuable health information to preserve for future generations.

TapGenes uses the idea of "crowdsourcing" to help families create a more complete and accurate family medical history, together. The TapGenes platform identifies medical conditions that may run in their family and helps family members understand what steps they can take to live healthier together.

The History Project
The History Project Innovator Showdown Submission Page
Twitter: @thehistoryproj

We believe that capturing or life stories shouldn't be as fragmented and overwhelming as it is. As a society, we can't afford to lose the incredible human resource of our history. Our mission is to ensure our memories and stories don't vanish into basements or the fast-moving digital stream.

The History Project is changing how we capture and share narratives for individuals, groups and organizations. We are empowering users to take control of their digital and physical assets and build them into tangible, shareable stories.

Twile Innovator Showdown Submission Page
Twitter: @TwileTweets

A secure place to record an share your family memories (and know exactly who can see them):
Your personal family timeline
Private by default - never public
Share only with the people you choose
See friends and family timelines together in one place

Twile takes all of the data that's hidden away behind your family tree and turns it into a rich, visual timeline - designed to make it much easier to share and explore your family history with the rest of your family, especially the younger generations.

The interactive timeline is made up of photo and milestones - such as births, marriages and deaths - which tell the story of your family from your earliest known ancestor to the youngest member of the family.

Twile is a collaboration too, allowing everyone in your family (that you invite) to comment on your photos or add stories and milestones of their own. Designed with all generations in mind, Twile lets your whole family work together to build a single timeline of your complete family story.


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