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Thursday, February 25, 2016

RootsTech 2016: Using Facebook for Family History

I taught a class at RootsTech 2016 on Using Facebook for Family History. This was the objective of the class:

Discover how to create and manage family Facebook groups for ongoing virtual reunions. Uncover genealogy related organizations, societies, groups, conferences, companies, and experts. Learn about Facebook apps that help you build your tree and find out how simple it is to connect with distant cousins.

Questions answered in this class:

  1. How do I create and manage a family Facebook group and how do I determine the privacy level for the group?
  2. How can I find genealogy related organizations or people on Facebook?
  3. What are some search techniques on Facebook to help me find and connect with distant living cousins?
  4. What resources are available on Facebook to help me break through my “brick walls”?
  5. How can my Facebook connections help me build my family tree?

My class was written about on the FamilySearch Blog. You can read about it here: Facebook and Family History—What a Match!

I'm going to answer those above questions and more here on my blog, in the coming weeks and months, as I share the content from my class and from my continual learning about Facebook.


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