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Monday, February 22, 2016

RootsTech 2016: Michael Leavitt

RootsTech 2016 Michael Leavitt with Ambassadors
Former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt utilized live texting technology as he let the audience choose the order of topics and he then shared stories from the topics.

Here are some of my takeaways from this session:
  • Personal histories have great meaning.
  • Project of 1,000 stories.
  • Everyone's hearts beat together (waiting on the Olympic bid)
  • When they were homeless themselves (Governor's Mansion Fire) they went and served those who were really homeless.
  • "I'll be ready" -Olene Walker stated when he told her that she would soon be the 1st Woman Governor of Utah.
  • No corners to hide in ... the Oval office.
  • Olympic Flame is lit by the perpetual light of the Sun.
    • Those who need a need a lift.
    • No one sits alone.
    • Symbol of what we aspire to be.
  • Olympic Flame = Fire on the Stick = all about family!

You can watch his comments here:

I had the opportunity to participate in a Media Hub Sofa Chat with Mike.

Backstage (before the sofa chat), I had a few moments to visit with Mike. He is my husband's 4th Cousin and the Leavitt family has a huge family organization. Also, we briefly talked about my father. Both Mike and I are from Cedar City, Utah and he knew my father really well; though was unaware that he had recently passed away.

Here are some of my takeaways from the chat:

  • Project of 1,000 stories - some of them are just short little moments of his life that as he remembered he wrote them down.
  • Wrote own personal history for the benefit of his children and family.
  • Love of stories is a genetic trait passed on from his mother. She is a mentor.
  • When he got to Washington, northeast Leavitt families reached out to him and said they may be related. Mike knew how they were related and he invited them to come from the northeast to join the Western Leavitt family reunion one year.
  • During the Olympics, the entire world became interested in knowing if we were honest.
  • We put on the best Olympics - when things get hard, you do your best.
  • Olympic story is not over yet. Friendships are still happening.
  • He wants his children to think the best of him.
  • Wants to be remembered = left things better than he found them, planted seeds for the next generation, and that he gave it all he had.


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